The Babadook

, Start Time: 19:30 The Old Brewery Burnside Place, Old Town, Cromarty IV11 8XQ

Cert. 15  2014  1hr 34mins

Feel a delicious shiver up your spine this haunting season, in the company of other fearties and eye-hiders. Scary films come and go, but some attain a classic status, as is the case with Australian director Jennifer Kent’s recent Babadook. It’s the story of a widowed mother still grieving the violent death of her husband and battling her son’s fear of a monster from a storybook. But soon the monstrous presence has escaped the book and is everywhere, affecting her life. This isn’t your conventional Hollywood gore-fest, but something psychologically deeper, a film that gets under your skin by drawing on childhood fears and human frailty to great effect.

‘You can’t get rid of the Babadook.’

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Adults £6; Children £3; CRFS Members FREE

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The Old Brewery

Burnside Place IV11 8XQ

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