Far From The Madding Crowd (CERT 12)

, Start Time: 15:00 Victoria Hall High Street, Cromarty IV11 8YR


Certificate: 12  Director: John Schlesinger

Quality oozes from every pore, with John Schlesinger's direction complemented by Frederic Raphael's sharp script and a cast that includes Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Peter Finch and a dastardly Terence Stamp. Richard Rodney Bennett earned an Oscar nomination for his score, but it’s Nicholas Roeg’s photography that seduces and ravishes the viewer. The film is splendidly lusty fare, its feet deep in the mud of the English countryside, and its head in the lens-flared glare of a dreamy tragi-romantic sky.

The film will be introduced by Cromarty’s wonderful ex-doctor, Helen Charley

Tea and scones on offer!

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Victoria Hall

High Street IV11 8YR

Tel: 01381 600542

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