Sing Street (CERT 12A)

, Start Time: 20:00 The Old Brewery Burnside Place, Old Town, Cromarty IV11 8XQ

SING STREET (106 Mins)

Certificate: 12A   Director:  John Carney

Sing Street is tremendous: a coming of age story set in early 80s Dublin that has the comic poignancy and truthfulness of a Gregory's Girl or a Son of Rambow. It’s a feelgood musical with huge heart and irresistible optimism. Like the best pop bands, Sing Street is more than the sum of its parts; like the canniest pop songs, it transcends a familiar formula with charm. Bonus points for including the best line of 2016: "No woman can truly love a man who listens to Phil Collins.”

This film will be introduced by Jon Palmer, Cromarty’s Cheese House co-owner who has jointly created a wonderful craft cheese shop in Bank Street to add to Cromarty’s unique character. 


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The Old Brewery

Burnside Place IV11 8XQ

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