Paterson (CERT 15)

, Start Time: 20:00 The Old Brewery Burnside Place, Old Town, Cromarty IV11 8XQ

PATERSON (115 Mins)

Certificate: 15  Director:  Jim Jarmusch

Jim Jarmusch has created a small miracle of a film, one that is both intellectually dazzling and emotionally provocative. Viewers are treated to a portrait of romantic devotion, contentment and vocation all the more affecting for being so utterly unapologetically heartfelt. Frederick Elmes, who previously shot things as stylistically varied as Blue Velvet and The Ice Storm, sticks to muted, warmer tones, recalling faded family snapshots from the 1970s. That approach fits the scrapbook life of a young couple in titular Paterson, New Jersey. The first of two Jim Jarmusch films in this season.

The film will be introduced by Fraser Mackenzie and Dave Newman, both members of the Cromarty Film Society committee...showing how they can pervert their own power and get a film shown!

Tickets on the door: £5 Adults; £3 Children; Free to Members
Free glass of wine with admission, then BYOB!

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The Old Brewery

Burnside Place IV11 8XQ

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