Each year the CRFS shows films under a subject banner. We have had a comedy year, political year, drama year, documentary year and so on, for sixteen years.

This year it’s YOUR year. Echoing our annual Film Festival where we ask guests to choose a list of their five favourite films, we issued an invitation to the local community of film lovers to chose their favourite films. Over the obligatory bottle of wine, the Film Society Committee looked over the lists and made the following diary for this coming year.

Please come and support us, support local people and realise the immense pleasure of watching films amongst a group of friends and colleagues. 

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, The Old Brewery , Cromarty

The Wrong Box (CERT U)

The Wrong Box (105 Mins) Certificate: U Director: Bryan Forbes This film is a farce with a lot of class and style, carried off with some brilliant acting. It also has what most films with idiot plots lack - restraint, subtlety and sly wit. A...

, The Old Brewery , Cromarty

CRFS Proposed Cinema: Community Consultation

Join us to discuss the plans for developing a community cinema venue in our town. We have had enthusiastic response to our initial surveys and discussion and are now moving forward with the planning stage.